The thousand and one lives of Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort is a world famous author, motivational speaker and former stockbroker, who had his ‘wild’ life turned into a Hollywood movie back in 2013 called The Wolf of Wall Street (directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Belfort). Today, Belfort is using his knowledge to help entrepreneurs across the globe close more sales, make more money and live a happier and more empowered life through his courses, podcast and speaking engagements.

How does one get a mindset to be an entrepreneur in their life?
I travel all over the world to train entrepreneurs, and one thing I hear over-and-over again is, “JB, you’re fearless.” Now the truth is, I feel just as much fear as anyone else does when it comes to making difficult business decisions. I just act in spite of it, because I know that the principles I’ve learned are going to work more often than not, and that they’ll regularly produce massive winners.So to me, a lot of being an entrepreneur is about belief and certainty when it comes to yourself. But there’s also a component of flexibility… where you have to be willing to “fail elegantly.” Because the truth is, not every idea is going to be a winner, so you need to be ready to move on very quickly from the bad ideas, so that you can really hit the gas on the good ones.So to be an entrepreneur, you have to be a pivoter too.

What has been your one biggest life lesson so far?
In business, all my biggest lessons are distilled down into my Straight Line System, which is what I teach worldwide. But as far as life goes, my biggest lesson is that actions have consequences and your family is what matters the most.

When I was studying your biography, your successes, your struggles and your rebirth in the 2000s, I always asked myself these questions… How did he manage to bounce back from having fallen? How did he manage to rebuild himself and regain people’s trust?
Well, I think everyone’s smart enough to know that the person in the movie, that’s not really all I was. Everyone is more complex than a movie character. But, how did things change? Well, first of all, I’m sober now and have been for years. But the truth about entrepreneurship is, if you deliver on the value side of things, trust and credibility are going to follow. And I get to see the results of that first-hand, since so much of my business is in training salespeople and entrepreneurs on how to reach their full potential. Bottom line, when you can empower people to take control of their lives and create massive, longterm, sustainable wealth, your business is going to sell itself. And no matter what your company does, your product needs to create that same value for your customers. Never forget that.

“The truth is, not every idea is going to be a winner, so you need to be ready to move on very quickly from the bad ideas…”


What services does your website offer? What is your mission today? is where you can find virtually every tool possible to increase your business abilities. So that includes free content, like my blog and two podcasts, as well as some very powerful courses on sales & entrepreneurship that thousands of people have used to convert themselves into millionaires. And higher up, there are the services I offer to B2B clients, like professional consulting, live events, and my sales recruiting firm. There’s really no way you could possibly visit my website and not come away from it having learned something actionable to improve your sales skillset as a salesperson and entrepreneur.

How do you want to impact people positively? Why is it so important for you to pass on your knowledge?
In the movie, Leo says, “I want you to deal with your problems by becoming rich.” And while that specific phraseology is a little over-the-top, it’s what I’ve done for thousands and thousands of people. And I can’t think of anything that impacts people more positively than giving them the tools they need to make a lot of money in a way that makes them happy.

What does your Mastermind offer and how can we access it? What are the prerequisites?
Well, my Mastermind is where I get about 10 people together, all very successful, and spend the entire weekend focusing that group’s attention on every individual and his or her business. And when you get a group of high-echelon individuals together in one place… and all that energy and brainpower is focused like a laser on your company, it unlocks opportunities that seemed impossible just a day before. I tell everyone there that the goal is to “add another zero” to your income, and we’ve been very successful doing that. That said, my Mastermind isn’t for everyone… (Read the full story)


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