Tanner Chidester: How To Start & Scale Your Online Business

Tanner Chidester is a former famed fitness model who transitioned away from fitness to become the founder of Elite CEOS, a company that has grossed over 21 million in revenue in just a few short years, and has helped countless entrepreneurs build online service-based businesses. Through Tanner’s program, he teaches relevant techniques and strategies that he uses himself each day to help these companies scale.

Tanner, can you please introduce your business ELITE CEOS to our readers? How does ELITE CEOS help others? What are your services?
Absolutely, thanks for having me! Elite ceos helps individuals start and scale their online businesses. Some of the people we work with are personal trainers, real estate agents, coaches, consultants, authors, accountants, media buyers, and more. Essentially anyone who wants to start and scale an online business.

A lot of our clients either already have an idea they want to take online or are in a 9-5 job they hate and need help creating their business idea. Either way we can help.

Our service is super extensive as it’s a personal 1-1 coaching program. Some of the things we do include.

– Packaging and crafting an individual’s offer so they know it will sell
– Helping them learn how to get clients organically (for free) on social media
– Helping them set up their sales funnels and websites
– Teaching them how to run paid ads profitably
– Showing them how to do their client fulfillment and giving them the systems to be successful
– Downloadable PDFs, links, files, and everything in between.
– 1-1 personal zoom calls on anything they need help with
– Daily office hours (this is where they can ask a coach any question)
– Daily group calls on various topics
– Coaching portal chalk full on “how to” and instructional videos

Long story short I put my life’s work into this program to make It the best possibly could. It is an A-Z type program.

“MY MOTTO? The Nike slogan “Just Do It.” Too many people make excuses for their failures. I’m a firm believer you get it done or you don’t, there’s no in between.” 


How did you become a serial entrepreneur?
AHonestly, it just naturally happened. When I had the urge to create a business I started out simply getting people into shape online. I came from a fitness background and had played sports all my life, so it just kind of “made sense.” In my first year doing that, I grossed over a million dollars. The next year I started having a ton of trainers ask me “how I did it” and they wanted help. I figured “why not” since I had all the systems and strategies down, and quickly grossed another million dollars within 3 months.

After that all kinds of people started asking me for help so I expanded the business to help anyone who wanted to go online. As I’ve continued to grow and grow I’ve realized what excites me the most is growth and so I am continually looking for new ways to grow my current business. I also have my first book coming out that’s going to be published, a new tech app that is launching, and I’m also looking into starting my 2nd main business. Most likely in the tech or private equity sectors.

My team is big enough and equipped enough to take over the reigns in a sense so I’m ready for even bigger challenges.

Can you share your main rules/tips to a 7 figure income?
1. Focus on one thing. The saying that “millionaires have seven streams of income” is only partially true. Get to a million dollars with one thing and then expand. Trying to do a little bit of everything is a sure way to fail.

2. Hire someone you want to be like to teach you what they know. If you type in “how to build a business” on google, it will come back with 2,190,000,000 search results. Information isn’t the issue in today’s society, it’s execution. Being unsure that you’re doing the right things will not only slow down your progress, but make you constantly doubt yourself.

The best investment you can make is in yourself and today I’ve spent around 600k just from purchasing coaching and courses to help me learn all I can. Most people won’t understand but it will help you get to where you want to be in the fastest way possible.

3. Learn how to run paid traffic. Most people think they need a large social media following to make a lot of money online, but that’s simply not true. If you learn how to spend $1 and make $2 or more back when running paid ads you will never have to worry about money again… Read the full interview

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