Stevie Baggs Jr: From The NFL To The Entertainment & Literature World

Stevie Baggs Jr. is a retired NFL and CFL player who has transitioned into a massive success after his playing career in the entertainment and literature world. From appearing as one of the stars in Tyler Perry’s latest show, Ruthless, to the hit Netflix series Cobra Kai, Stevie has been one of the hottest actors to rise in Hollywood. Beyond the TV spotlight, he is the best-selling author of the books entitled “Woke – a Dictionary for the Conscious Mind” and “Greater Than The Game”.

Stevie, can you please tell us more about what you did immediately after your NFL/CFL career ended?
To be honest I was trying to find myself and I was actually dealing with some anxiety and depression at that time because I felt that I could still perform at an optimum level. I didn’t get picked up to a team in the NFL or CFL so I was really in a bad place mentally/spiritually. However, my passion for health and wellness had landed me an opportunity to become an international brand ambassador and consultant for the number one essential oil company in the world Young Living.

In addition, I had the opportunity to become the Health and Wellness ambassador for the city of Atlanta. It was because of those opportunities that I was able to write my first book and move on to do so many other things. My team and I were able to expand our non-profit the CETA FOUNDATION and I was able to do so much more in television/film/commercials to grow as an actor and an inspirational speaker.

“Imagine if we increased our thinking we could increase our health, our spirits, and our love for self and others. I hope to use my career to be a catalyst for that type of change.” 


When was the point in your life where you planned your post-playing career?
After the first time I got released from a team in 2004 and the business of it all slapped me so hard that it made me wake up to the fact that this game that I loved didn’t always love me back. Although I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do I’ve always envisioned being successful when I was done with the game.

Can you talk about your role in the new television show, Ruthless? Can you tell us about the character you play? How did you hook up with Tyler Perry’s team?
I play the role of Oliver who is a very intimidating guy who has spent some time in jail and was looking for love and stability in his spiritual life and stumbled upon the RAKU(A religious cult). He’s in love with a woman in the compound and his love for her drives him to dig deeper and ask questions about the validity of this religion and the man whom leads them called the highest. As far as how I got booked it’s a funny story because I got my first speaking role with TPS whenever I was first released from my last team and then 8 years later I went from booking a day player role to be a series regular so I’m thankful… Read the full interview

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