Sheila Bella: How To Market Your Beauty Business

Sheila Bella is the world famous brow artist and beauty business coach out of California. She is the founder of two 7 Figure Businesses; Sheila Bella Permanent Makeup & Pretty Rich Bosses Online Academy, and her podcast series, “Pretty Rich Podcast” is ranked as one of the most popular and downloaded Beauty Entrepreneurship shows on iTunes!

Hey Sheila, so great to meet you! As a serial entrepreneur, beauty ambassador, and mother, what does a day in your life look like?
Great to meet you too! I’m a big believer in never pouring from an “empty cup”. First thing in the morning I fill my cup. I love getting up early when everybody else is asleep moving my body, some prayer then reading a good book or listening to podcasts. Around 7 AM the kids wake up it’s time to get ready for school. At 9 o’clock we have a team meeting on zoom. 25 women strong from all over the United States and Canada. Most days for me are podcasting, creating content, and coaching other beauty business owners to experience success and feel more empowered in doing so. Unfortunately, my husband is last on the list. Haha. We get one date night a week and just a little bit of a husband and wife time every night.

“We teach salon owners how to market their businesses so (…) they can experience predictable income.” 


What or who inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
The job I wanted didn’t exist. And even if it did I don’t believe anybody would hire me for it.  Also I have a unique set of talents that i’ve always felt were unappreciated in the traditional workplace. So I figured that if I created the perfect position for myself, I could skip the line and hire myself as CEO. Honestly, I became an entrepreneur because I never felt like I fit in the mold of society. I didn’t see people like myself become successful in the traditional sense. Since when does a blonde Asian bimbo with no college education create two multi seven-figure businesses. I know… since me! Because I am smart it’s just not in any way that our society has a test to measure. That’s another great with her education system that I have to be honest. Doesn’t doesn’t measure different types of intelligence, only one.

What are the main challenges of being a beauty business coach?
The hardest thing about running a coaching program of this size for beauty business owners is really navigating the different personalities that we manage and keeping all 25 women connected. I have one goal, is to build a team that can fly on their own. Hire slow fire fast. Build a team that flies. All my girls are doers not just talkers. If they can’t fly they don’t belong here. No one is perfect but make sure that everyone here is well trained and feels equipped to fly on their own. No middle managers all eagles… Read the full interview

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