Patricia Darquea: Brillant Creator & Serial Innovator

Patricia Darquea is the American inventor and creator of ShadyFace Inc. and ShadyPaws Pet Travel Canopies., a shade protection device for humans and their pets, no matter where in the world you travel and go!

Patricia, when did you first discover your entrepreneurial spirit?

As a young adult I always felt I was a problem solver when it came to finding solutions for everyday products or habits. In fact, I would tweak products I purchased to fit my needs, so I guess I’ve always had this entrepreneurial spirit since a very young age. With ShadyFace, I took my imagination and created my own brand. My voyage began in 2011 when I discovered the solution to everyday problems. Today, I’m acknowledged as an inventor, manufacturer & international distributor for my ShadyFace & ShadyPaws Brands.

Can you introduce ShadyFace to our readers? How did you generate the idea?

While vacationing in Maui in 2011, I noticed many beach goers suffering from the same problem, no shade. Resorts provide umbrellas but never enough for all their guests. On the sand, many umbrellas roll down the beach. I also noticed beach goers struggling to read their tablets and phones. That’s when I had my “ah-ha” moment. Create a product one can use to shade themselves, use their technology hands free and travel anywhere without relying on looking for shade or umbrellas. A concept that fits into a backpack, travel friendly, airline friendly which can be used on the beach, parks and attaches to any lounge chair for the ultimate shaded protection at resorts and cruise ships. With the assistance of a Tesla engineer and hiring our COO who was the Director of Manufacturing for Mattel Toys, ShadyFace was born. ShadyFace Travel Canopy Sunshades SPU 50+ self-adjusting canopy shade for upper of full body shade (according to the sun’s rotation) offers electronic entertainment under every travel canopy for shaded “hands-free” viewing for kindles, e-books, tablets or phones.

These light weight, flat folding travel shades attach to chairs, lounge recliners, used on the sand, lawn and can be attach to any cruise ship lounge chair while at sea enjoying at sea days by the pool. Children can play or nap with audio/video learning and adults can keep protected and stay connected when streaming e-mails or watching a movie under these self-adjusting swivel canopies. ShadyFace Travel Canopy Sunshades are airline carry-ons for a holiday retreat, cruise ship excursion or just biking down to the beach since each canopy folds nicely into a carry backpack. Multiple Velcro pockets secure lotions, keys, electronics and all necessities inside of each ShadyFace Travel Canopy. All material pieces can be snapped off for light cleaning with delicate soap.

You also created ShadyPaws for pets! What a brilliant concept! What has the feedback been so far?

This concept was created out of sheer love for my dogs & the awareness for the humane treatment of pets. I quickly noticed how my two dogs would run to relax under my ShadyFace whenever we went on the boat or to the beach. That’s when the ShadyPaws idea became a reality. Pets are intuitive & generally seek shade for heat protection. ShadyPaws became an overnight sensation! Dogs overheat or parish in vehicles because consumers are not allowed to have their animals accompany them into outdoor restaurants, resorts or social events. Animal lovers that travel with their pets seek locations that are pet friendly and establishments are becoming “pet friendly“. ShadyPaws Pet Travel Canopies are the solution to pet travel, where a large or small pet now have their own environment to unwind under & relax. Dog trainers, senior dog’s & animals with skin disorders or skin tumors also benefit greatly. Pet owners can use ShadyPaws on outdoor furniture, boats & or the ground for beach, parks or when camping.


SHADYFACE… A concept that fits into a backpack, travel friendly, airline friendly which can be used on the beach, parks and attaches to any lounge chair for the ultimate shaded protection at resorts and cruise ships.


What excites you the most about entrepreneurship?

I’d say, seeing my product used by consumers as I travel. This is the most rewarding since I put a product on this earth which fulfills a need & offers a positive experience for the world to enjoy. Buyers from all over the world are now placing orders and we are distributing into stores as a growing brand. The challenge and focus is to keep up with the demand & continued growth by merging into various industries such as: Dermatology, Autism, Children Health, Adult Health and Pet Health. The Technology viewing aspect of my product also excites me since the delivery of ways to view consumers growing technological demand will be incorporated into the ShadyFace Brand.

According to you, what do you think are the most common mistakes unexperienced entrepreneurs make?

Never discuss your ideas without research and have a confidentiality agreement signed prior to discussing your ideas and product. Many ideas are fantastic, however, most do not realize how much money will be spent on bringing it to market. The financial burden may change your mind very quickly!


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