Maya Comerota: Transformational Coach & Visionary Entrepreneur

Maya Comerota is an international speaker, consultant, coach, visionary entrepreneur and intuitive guide on a mission to unlock human potential. She has built multibillion dollar initiatives, 7 figure companies and supported over 1.5 million people worldwide to live a life they love living and transform their dreams to reality. Maya alongside her company 528Hz wants to help people such as entrepreneurs “live their legacy not just leave it behind” and turn their purpose into passion & prosperity!

Maya, why and how did you make the decision to become a transformational coach? How did you choose 528Hz as a name for your company?
I believe I was born a transformational teacher & coach and It just took me a while to “own it”.  I was always fascinated by human potential and growth.  I had become very successful at a very young age as a corporate executive in a fortune 100 biotech company. I would build some of the largest coaching platforms in the industry.  I was very successful, but I was not fulfilled.  This seemed to be the norm for most successful people I knew.  I was compromising myself and my fulfillment for success in my career and although I was passionate about serving others,  I was doing it at my own expense.  I was compromising my time, my health & my own fulfillment.  After a terrible car accident I realized that I needed to make a change and heed my own lessons so  I went on a journey to discover how to be successful AND fulfilled.  When I discovered the “secret” after years of travel and study, I knew I needed to share it with the masses.  The science behind human transformation is actually quite simple.  I wanted everyone to know how to not only be successful but to be fulfilled as well.

528Hz is the frequency of love.  I believe that love is the basis of everything.  Start with love and everything else follows it is the most transformational frequency there is.  It is the essence of what I teach so it was the perfect name for my company.

“To be an effective transformational coach you should understand the art and science of human transformation.” 


What kinds of clients do you typically work with? Can you tell us a little bit about the services offered by 528Hz?
I work with high performing, mission driven individuals and companies that know they are here to make a big impact on the world and they don’t want to compromise, time, fulfillment, values, integrity, family in order to serve the way they desire to serve. They are the people that want to know they left everything on the table when they leave this earth! They desire to live their legacy not just leave it. My company offers business consulting and strategy for entrepreneurs and companies, we offer 1:1 coaching, group coaching, masterminds and live events. I support many people to discover the message and mission and share that with the world. We help people to turn their purpose into prosperity.

What were you doing before this? What kind of education do you think is necessary to become a transformational coach?
Prior to working as a transformational teacher and coach I was a corporate executive at a fortune 100 biotech company. I was leading global innovation and building transformative coaching platforms for the industry as a whole. To be an effective transformational coach you should understand the art and science of human transformation. When you understand that there are effective repeatable, reliable methods that lead to results and are based in the way the mind works and how the universe works (neuroscience and quantum physics) you will be effective at supporting transformation in your clients. Transformational teachers and coaches should also look at their own lives as their curriculum. Learning and impacting your own life is essential. Great transformational teachers and coaches walk the walk. They live their message and methodology… Read the full interview

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