Mark Cuban: Always Be Learning!

Mark Cuban is a world famous American entrepreneur, sports team owner, best-selling author, television personality and investor. While one of the main “Shark” investors on the TV show Shark Tank, Mark invested into a start-up health company called Ready, Set, Food!, which uses science to help approach making early allergen introduction easy for families everywhere. We spoke to Mark exclusively about this new company.

Mark, thanks for talking with us about “Ready, Set, Food!”. What led you to invest into this company?
My daughter has a severe peanut allergy, so over the years I’ve seen how difficult food allergies can be for anyone, let alone a child. There’s a great business opportunity in preventing food allergies, but what got me excited was their mission to prevent hundreds of thousands of babies every year from developing the food allergies that affect my family. When they committed to donating their product to parents in need I knew I had to join their team.

Most people see allergies as inevitable. How do we know that parents can help prevent food allergies?
The great news is that multiple clinical trials have shown that parents can prevent babies from developing up to 80% of food allergies by feeding allergenic foods regularly to babies. That’s why the USDA dietary guidelines recommend all babies eat peanut and egg starting at 4 months of age to prevent food allergies.

How can Ready, Set, Food! help prevent food allergies?
Ready, Set, Food! makes it simple for parents to follow the clinical trials and medical guidelines. It can be very hard to regularly feed babies anything, so Ready, Set, Food! puts the right amount of peanut, egg, and dairy into a powder that dissolves in breastmilk or formula. That way every parent can easily give their baby the best chance at an allergy free future.

“Do what is right for your stakeholders. If you are not able to, then your business won’t succeed.” 

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