Jason Tartick: It’s time to (re)start your life

Jason Tartick is a former suitor on ABC’s The Bachelorette, Season 14, who fell just short of the final rose but still ended up finding what he was looking for all along. He currently resides in Nashville, TN with former ABC’s The Bachelorette, Season 11 star, Kaitlyn Bristowe and their rescued Golden Retrievers, Ramen Noodle and Pinot G. Since appearing on ABC’s The Bachelorette, Jason’s charismatic personality has landed him co-hosting opportunities on shows such as Live From E!, Yahoo Finance, E! Daily Pop, and The Bachelor Premier. If you missed him co-hosting, you may have seen his roles on ABC Listen to Your Heart Finale, Celebrity Family Feud, Today Show, Good Morning America, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, HLN, Fox, People TV and The Ryan Seacrest Show.

Recently, Jason has founded “Restart” an informational, educational and inspirational channel aligned with financial, professional, and personal wellness. In addition to one on one consulting, group consulting, blogs, tutorials, newsletters and small business consulting. Restart offers premium content on their Instagram page and YouTube Channel. His Restart Real Talks have been a hit, where he will interview prominent professionals within their respective fields to drill down on how they launched their careers further understanding the lessons we can learn that aren’t taught in textbooks.

Hello Jason, thanks for sharing your story. Could you tell us about your new platform RESTART?
Restart is an informational, educational and inspirational consulting channel aligned with financial, professional, and personal wellness. In addition to one on one consulting, group consulting, tutorials, newsletters, networking membership, merchandise and small business consulting, Restart also offers premium content on their social media channels. You can find Restart’s public social media pages on IG Restart_Reset and YouTube Restart with Jason Tartick. Restart members also have private access to exclusive content under YouTube Membership, Restart Facebook Blog, Restart Twitter, Restart LinkedIn, Restart Community Text App and the Restart Membership portal including many offerings. Restart Real Talks have become an engaging part of their channel. Restart Real Talks are empowering conversations with prominent individuals who have excelled within their respected fields. The purpose of the discussion is to focus less on where these individuals are today, and more on the life lessons acquired through their career navigation that can’t be taught in classrooms or in textbooks. Restart has had an incredible list of guests such as Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran, The Bella Twins, Erika Nardini, Colton Underwood, Ryan Serhant, and many more.

As the pandemic started to sweep the nation, hundreds of thousands of Jason’s followers reached out to Jason on social media, all with the same message – “holy sh*t, what is happening and what do I do?” Peoples’ lives were disrupted, they were panicked, and they looked to him for answers. As The Dow Jones & S&P 500 were plummeting they caught the headlines of almost every news outlet. In an attempt to gauge his 1M+ overall social media following, Jason polled his audience asking them a binary “Yes” or “No” question….in 2 to 3 sentences could you explain to me what the Dow Jones is? After the 250,000 plus people responded in a 24 hour period, the results were in … 90% of those who answered the poll could NOT explain the Dow Jones in two to three sentences. This was eye opening to Jason! He knew there was a massive gap in what we were taught in our education system and what we actually needed to know on a daily basis, but these numbers took him by surprise. He then created a tutorial breaking down the concept of the Dow Jones in an easy to understand manner. High level, his tutorial compared the Dow Jones to the market as vitals to our body and the tutorial landed with his audience, receiving over 500,000 views and 3000 comments. This beta is what lead to the start of Restart which was created in March 2020.

How did your experience in the TV world help you to develop the skills required to launch RESTART?
It was my 9+ years in Corporate Banking, lending over $100,000,000 in capital to Middle Market Companies across the country, 5 relocations, and an MBA in Accounting & Finance, that really helped me develop the skills and acumen to launch restart. Being in the TV world allowed me to be more comfortable in my own skin. It gave me the power to know it’s OK to discuss your feelings and not act like the corporate America robot that most corporations ask of their employees. Being on TV also helped me get really comfortable with being in front of a camera and for the purposes of Restart being able to present and speak with great comfort while being authentic to who you truly are and what you actually believe in is a skill set that was developed through my media/TV experience process

“The fulfillment I endured knowing that one person may have been positively impacted by my message was just so rewarding.”


Why is it also a passion of yours to be a life coach and advisor to others?
I have emceed at corporate and charity events across the country including: Gildas Club, Friends of Carly, Alzheimer’s Association, Children’s Miracle Network, and the Boys & Girls Club (2020). I also lead a successful speaking and Q&A tour at the following universities: Quinnipiac, DePaul University, University of Kansas, University of Rochester, SUNY Geneseo, Northeastern University, Loyola Marymount University, Nichols College, Sacred Heart University, and Iowa State University. In each of these experiences I continued to feel so satisfied when I said something that clicked with the audience. The fulfillment I endured knowing that 1 person may have been positively impacted by my message was just so rewarding. In addition, nothing makes my blood boil more than seeing someone get taken advantage of! And nothing makes me happier than assisting someone with the right intent achieving something they have always wanted to accomplish.

Today, you have hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers, and more across other platforms. What do you consider to be some of the most effective ways to do so? My platform was started strictly by pure luck, but has been built overtime with dedicated effort and care. I was very fortunate to be on a reality television show which is what sparked my initial platform… Read more

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