Frank Anderson: Take the time to cultivate your relationships

Frank Anderson is the current Executive Chairman of Network Media Group Inc.. With over 35 years experience in the capital markets, he also has broad experience in the entertainment sector, having worked with various production companies, music labels and talent agencies in both the United States and Canada.

Frank, please tell us a little about being an executive chairman at Network Media Group? What role do you play?
As the Executive Chairman of Network Media Group, I focus on capital market relationships, key Investor relationships and selected US entertainment relationships, as well as, being an executive producer.

After so many years in the business, what do you attribute your success to?
After many years in the business, I attribute perseverance and my ability to connect with people as the key ingredients to my success. Additionally, I’ve always been able to articulate an idea or story in a succinct fashion. Lastly, the secret to my longevity in this industry is choosing work and projects I am truly passionate about, which allows me to be transparent, honest, genuine, without the need to oversell.

How have you cultivated these relationships through networking? Any specific tips on networking?
I’m a natural networker, always networking and living in, what some might call, a networking town. I’m always careful to follow up on introductions, take notice of little details, and remember names. My tips for networking include, but are not limited to : Take the time to cultivate your relationships, follow up and stay in touch, and always build genuine foundations before introducing ideas. People gravitate towards positive people, therefore maintaining a positive outlook is essential (and a sense of humor, always helps!). Look people in the eye to convey confidence and master a firm handshake.

My tips for networking include, but are not limited to : Take the time to cultivate your relationships, follow up and stay in touch, and always build genuine foundations before introducing ideas.


Network Media Group, can you introduce the company for those who may not know?
Network Media Group is the parent company of Network Entertainment, one of the world’s leading developers and producers of premium entertainment content for the global marketplace. Its board of directors and management team are dedicated to building an internationally recognized brand of television and film programming by consistently delivering high profile productions that are monetized across all digital and analog.

You’re involved in so many businesses all over North America. This is just so impressive! How do you keep yourself and your schedule organized?
Staying organized is not always an easy task, particularly in this exciting time of continuous deal flow, sometimes 24-hours in a day is just not enough! I’m very passionate about all thing’s tech and innovation, so I pride myself on finding some of the best tools to manage the flow of day to day mail traffic, scheduling and to-do lists. Running a business is no easy task. What would you say your favorite thing is about what you do? With Network, my favorite thing is certainly the creative process and to see exceptional ideas manifest to the big screen. It is gratifying to work with a team that is so committed to delivering the very best product possible. My role in growing new businesses and concepts through financing or adding key stakeholders that will guide these businesses towards success, brings me tremendous satisfaction. In all my professional endeavors, it is truly rewarding to be a part of a team that brings a dream into fruition.

What advice can you give to a potential entrepreneur interested in building a business?
Seek advice from others. Be nimble, be able to pivot. Entrepreneurs that have an idea or invent something are not always the best people to run their business, so know your strengths and get to know your weaknesses. Then, take the time to find a person or team to compliment those areas of weakness. Management is everything! Take capital, be less concerned about dilution. Having a smaller portion of something big, is better than having a big portion of something small.

Any new product or business launches coming up you can tell us about?
At Network, our film, “I Am Richard Pryor”, will premiere at the South by Southwest Film Festival on Tuesday March 12th, and will debut on Paramount Network on Friday March 15th at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT, followed by iTunes, Amazon and VOD release on March 19th in the U.S.

PUNK, a four part series, will premiere this Mar. 11 in the U.S. on MGM’s premium cable and satellite broadcaster Epix, and will be followed quickly by global distribution across all formats. John Varvatos, is an Executive Producer on the series, and legendary Iggy Pop, will join us as Executive Producers.
I can also share with you some insight into 2 exciting companies I consult for: Ojo Electric Scooters and Giftagram.

Ojo Electric, is an exciting electric scooter start-up, focused on rideshare with a significant point of difference over its competitors in the marketplace. Ojo has just successfully launched in Austin TX, The inbound deployment requests from other cities has been staggering, to say the least.

Gifagram is an online gifting app that offers curated, best in class, often local, one-of-a-kind products, thus, making gifting easier (and more enjoyable!). They will soon launch offerings for corporate gifting, which will change the game in a very dated industry.

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