Daniel Mazzone: Art To Him Is Like Water For A Fish

Daniel Mazzone is a famed artist who became homeless at the age of 15 and has used that to help influence and turn him into the artist he is today. Over the last few years, his art pieces have gained global fame with some of the world’s top athletes, celebrities and business owners purchasing pieces. Recently, Daniel has been working with both PETA and Scholas Occurrentes, which is supported by the Pope in Rome.

When did you discover your artistic talent? Did everything begin with your mother who taught you the art of stained glass?
My earliest memories were of making artworks with my mother since I was a little boy. I’ll never forget it. Shaped my life!

How would you describe your creative style?
How would I describe my technique… it’s “Mazzone Mosaic”… I research and study my subjects, and build my artworks like a sculpture with paper.

What does ‘art’ mean to you?
Art to me is like water for a fish. It’s a necessity for me to survive and live my life happy. I live and breath my art. It is my life and love.

You have worked with so many prestigious galleries, got your pieces of art purchased by celebrities and were invited to meet the Pope in person! How hard is it to keep your feet on the ground? It’s not hard for me at all. I didn’t come from very much. I’m humbled by the pleasure and gifts I’m given. And it’s always important to remember that you can be on top one day but not the next. It’s important to realize we’re all the same. Life’s short, so be nice and sweet.

I’m passionate about changing the environment and working alongside meaningful charities.


What did you feel the day you met the Pope?
It was truly a day I’ll never forget. We didn’t talk so much about art. I didn’t want it to be about me that day. Just wanted to enjoy the moment.

A good artist is not necessarily a good marketer. How hard was it for you to create, to stay inspired during the process and, in the same time, handle the business side of your activity?
It’s lots of work! A 24/7 job but I love every minute!

What are your further artistic plans and dreams?
I’d love to do more projects that may influence change in the world. I’m passionate about changing the environment and working alongside meaningful charities that are giving back fully.

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