CJ Comu: Yes, It Is Black. Yes, It Is Water!

CJ Comu is a 30-year entrepreneur and seasoned businessman who use to work alongside Steve Jobs, and is currently the Chairman & CEO at EarthWater Limited which creates EarthWater (www.earthwater.com). He has extensive knowledge and experience in building, funding and operating business ventures globally with a track record of over 100 companies he has counseled and/or served as Director.

CJ, before we start talking about Earthwater, I would like to learn a little bit about you. Could you briefly tell us about your background and your experience in business?
I have been a serial entrepreneur since I was a child; Cutting grass, delivering papers, shoveling snow, painting homes. I was fortunate to start my professional career in the software Industry in 1980 as Co-Founder of MBA Group producing a financial application software program for the Apple Computer and working with Steve Jobs. My role was marketing branding and sales and this fueled my professional career in building and branding businesses. From there I launched several private and then publicly traded company in several industries; Numismatic Coins, Air Purification Technology, Humidity Control Franchise, Sports Marketing & MMA, Electric Cars and Algae BioFuel. It led me to EarthWater (2014) where I serve as Founder / Chairman / CEO. I have a thirty year track record of building and managing companies in a variety of sectors that has taken me around the globe with offices in over 20 countries.

How did you first become interested in the health/beverage industry?
I’ve always been interested in good health and try to live a healthy & active lifestyle. I am a pescatarian, yoga fan and tennis/golf player. I have never smoked and may have one glass of wine a week. So being conscious of my health and well-being must have naturally driven me to further my interest when I started EarthWater. I was saddened wit the level of obesity and terrified of Diabetes that has effected my family with my mother being a Type I Diabetic and my brother a Type II Diabetic. The opportunity to provide a 100% natural mineral deposit from Planet Earth with a natural 9.5-10.5 pH was something that changed my life and today (five years later) I have NEVER been sick and all I have done is drink EarthWater every single day.

Could you tell us more about the EarthWater brand?
EarthWater is a manufacturer of Health & Wellness Products containing an exclusive proprietary blend of the richest natural minerals on Planet Earth. EarthWater was founded to research the origins and science behind “trace minerals” from Planet Earth. In 2014 the Company released its first iconic product called “FulHum” (Fulvic & Humic Minerals) in a unique patented (20 oz) PET/BPA Bottle to the retail market. As the Company grew it released other SKU’s and then in 2018 expanded their presence to be an exclusive online company selling “Direct2Consumer” in a partnership with Amazon. We are now on sale in 121 Countries. Today EarthWater is recognized as a premiere manufacturer of a line of hi-end wellness products infused with our proprietary and secret liquid concentrate derived from over a million of years of natural geological formation and cultivation of the richest plant and forest life trapped beneath the Earth.

EarthWater’s mission is to provide products that infuse valuable micronutrients into your body...


Why is your water black?
EarthWater is comprised of natural trace minerals that come “deep” beneath the Earth. These are the same minerals that used to be in abundance in our vegetables that have been stripped due to over farming. EarthWater is a health products based on the discovery of a million-year-old deposit of the richest mineral source on planet earth. Naturally these minerals are BLACK. The Company extracts this composition (from a secret location) and liquifies the concentrate to create its amazing product. These are the essential minerals that human body requires but are not only deprived in their daily diet but also aid our body to maintain right pH levels for good health.

What are the advantages of using EarthWater in our daily lives?
The advantage of using/consuming EarthWater in our/your daily life is to put the much needed micronutrients into your body to do one major thing which is “fight off bacteria and diseases and put the much needed micro nutrients into your body to help you live healthy longer”.

As an entrepreneur, what is it that motivates and drives you most?
I hope that my drive is similar to other entrepreneurs which is “Success”. We want to do good and be recognized for our work. Success is also a winding road and does not happen in a time frame some people may consider. I think the motivating factor for “me” as an entrepreneur is the adage of “failure is not an option.” This keeps me working harder, starting earlier and fighting for what I believe and putting my heart and soul into the venture that I am committed to lead.

Website: earthwater.com

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